Gut and Soul Functional Diagnostic Program

Get down to the GUT and SOUL of your healing journey


Are you frustrated with constant flare-ups, joint or body pain, fatigue, chronic tummy troubles and wondering what alien has taken over your body? 

I help women just like you get answers to the reasons behind their chronic gut health and autoimmune issues.

You are tired of feeling frustrated, in constant pain, sick to your tummy, exhausted, and scared to death of what the future holds. You're exhausted with the run-around and not getting the answers your body's been begging you for.

When you take a 360-degree approach, dig deep to find the root cause, and connect deeply to your soul, you'll find you have more energy to play with your kids, go on a hot date with your partner, plan the vacation you've always dreamed of, and you'll feel confident again in your own amazingness, and find peace with your body, trusting that it's here to serve you.

Using state of the art, functional labs, I help you get to the root cause so you can have more energy, sleep better at night, reduce your pain and inflammation, ditch tummy troubles, and get back to feeling like yourself again.

This is where my 1:1 Gut + Soul Program comes in:

During these 45- minute sessions we'll dive into what's going on with you and your health, covering topics designed specifically for you. Some of the most popular sessions include Love your GUT Diet or Supplement Review, Energy of Self Care Visualization and The Body and Soul Connection. With more access, availability and dedicated time to you, imagine what you’ll learn and walk away with after each session. 

➳ 1:1 Coaching Sessions

What's included?

➳ Functional Lab Testing and In-depth Reviews

➳ Unlimited Support and Access to Me

Tap into state of the art, functional labs that give you the answers you've been searching for and uncover the root cause!  Depending on what's going on with you, we'll dig into things like detoxification, adrenal function, hormones,  thyroid, blood sugar regulation, food sensitivities, microbiome  health and what's going on in your gut. Advanced testing is available as well for tougher cases.The Results and Recommendation sessions are where all the magic happens. We'll spend 90 full minutes, reviewing the lab results line by line to help you fully understand each marker and how the results correlate to your symptoms. You'll walk away with a clear understanding of what's really going on in your body and with a plan of action to get you the results your body's been asking for.

No more leaving the doctor's office and having to leave a message because you aren't sure of what to do next or how long you should take the supplement they recommended, or what you should eat now that you're gluten free. As a 1:1 client, you'll get unlimited access to me via text or email, and additional check in sessions for those times when you just have a quick question or need a little extra motivation. I'm with you on this journey ... so you don't have to feel alone.

➳  Struggling to get out of the bed in the morning
➳ Afraid to leave the house because you never know when your tummy's going to act up
➳ Afraid to eat, because you may end up doubled over in pain
➳ Frustrated with doctors who say your lab work looks great, but you feel like crap and you know there's something wrong
➳ Feeling guilty because you are too tired to play with the kids, go out with friends, or have a romantic evening with your hubby.
➳ Feeling hopeless and afraid of what the future holds

This program is for you if you are:

♡ Like you have energy left at the end of the day to be the Mom, spouse, friend you've always dreamed of
♡ You can hike to the summit, plan the vacation, run a marathon, and enjoy the natural, vibrant energy of your body
♡ You can finally accept those dinner invitations, love food again, and trust that your body's got you
♡ You are ready to finally get answers that make so much sense and correlate to your symptoms
♡ Like you have hope again
♡ You feel supported, heard, and guided through your healing journey

But you are ready to feel:


Suffering with chronic tummy trouble or autoimmune flare-ups doesn't mean you have to give up or accept that this is the way life has to be for the rest of your life. There is an underlying cause. There is hope and there is an answer.  

Other ways I can support you ➳

In person or remote energy healing

Pranic Healing

Be inspired and guided to lead your soul's healthiest and most vibrant life.

Spiritual Direction